Starting from the START

My first blog. So, I had been thinking about it for a while but things just weren’t happening that way. So as they say “When things don’t go right, go left.” and maybe that just helped me because I am a Lefty. Not so funny. I know right.

Starting off, I’ll be writing about BOOKS. They are my life. I guess it won’t be long and since it’s my fist blog. Let me shower you with my background with books. It runs in my blood. My mum, grandfather, uncle… they are all avid readers. So whenever I got a gift, I’d get a book.

I guess I was in kindergarten (U.Kg.) when I asked my uncle to get me a book and that is how I met Naughty Amelia Jane by Enid Blyton. I remember my mum reading it to me every night before I would go to sleep. It had become a routine. After the book was completed I got The Wishing Chair , again by Enid Blyton. That book would take my 5 year old self to some la la land. I’d dream of sitting on the chair and doing all sorts of magical thing and go on adventures. WOW… how I wish I could do that now. But my dreams got shattered when I got another gift. MATILDA by Roald Dahl . Now that was something intellectual. I got it for my sixth birthday.

That night at bed I challenged myself to read the book by myself. I was only allowed to ask for help with the words I didn’t understand but no one else was allowed to read it for me. Duh! I hated myself at that time but now, Now I love myself for putting up for the challenge and making me who I am.

I remember completing the entire book within two weeks. I simply couldn’t leave it once I started. With the completion of the book, I started a new journey. I wanted to be like Matilda. I needed her supernatural power. Not the one with she could move things but the one with whom she read.

After that, going to school library became very meaningful to me. I’d take a children’s book and start reading it. Within a year or so I had finished reading fairy tales, Akbar and Birbal, Arabian Nights,  Enid Blyton’s collection of short stories, etc., all by myself. I realized that I had a knack for reading continuously. I had to complete the books in one go. Not some sort of compulsion but I loved them so so much that I just could not leave it.

I became a BOOK GEEK and I’m proud of it. Anybody coming to my house would only see me with a book. I wish I could do that with course books though.😒 Anyway, time passed by and I started collecting my pocket money so that I could buy my own books. While my friends read Tinkle and Cinderella at 8 years of age, I was actually reading Shakespeare. This is one thing I am so proud of.

Coming to the present, books are still my best friend. I read Nicholas Sparks, Veronica Roth, J.K Rowling, Khalid Hosseini, Khalil Gibran, Chetan Bhagat, John Green, Jay Asher, Jerilee Kaye, F Scott Fizgerald, Pearl S. Buck, Haruki Murakami, etc.

And I am proud of myself. I love myself for only one reason, i.e. for having the ability to read, love, understand and judge books that most people my age aren’t able to.